So I know that I haven't posted anything in a while, or ever, mainly because it has been difficult to figure out what to write about. I think I want to write about my successes, but I don't want to boast. I could write about my failures but I don't want to be emo. I guess what I could write about is just life in general which could be anything.

Life is interesting right now, I feel that people are talking about the same thing at this time in our lives. Mid-20s post college. What people mostly talk about is growing up, work, life, love, marriage, future, future, and more future. Its as if we think we are smart enough to figure out what's next but we just can't seem to see it.

Hopefully, time will slow our roll in trying to figure out life and allow us to start living it. Right now, I'm enjoying it to the best of my ability but would like to squeeze out a little more joy...doesn't everyone?

Stay tuned, I may have another thought-vomit and something interesting will be found in it. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!