A Nice Hot Day

Standing at my bus stop on what is suspected to be a 100°+ day, I fan myself with a folding fan I kept from my mom's 75th birthday. Catching what ever breeze I can squeeze from the air, I watch a rusty blue Chevy truck pull up. A thin old man comes out and takes a little cage from the covered truck bed. I look close and I see a frightened little squirrel. Old man taps on the cage and unlocks one of the sides while the squirrel runs to the side furthest away from human contact. Finally realizing the man is trying to help him, the squirrel bolts out to the freedom of the trees and creek behind me as the man says "there you go little buddy!" The man gets in his car and drives away but not before yelling out the window to tell me "you're going to need a bigger fan!" I couldn't help but laugh and give him a big smile.

Most days I try to avoid speaking to anyone while I'm at the bus stop, metro stop, on the bus, or wherever. Most people put in their earphones and call it a day. All I can say is that this little interaction this morning is going to help me set this day straight. Today of going to be hot but good day. *=D